How Ace-Picked Works

Ace-Picked scouts local American designers to feature across their platform. Ace-Picked is dedicated to showcasing the talents of emerging jewelry designers. With a blend of diamonds, gold, silver, copper, platinum, pearls and color stones, Ace-Picked features a gallery of artists that reflect the complexity of human ingenuity when it comes to modern jewelry trends.

Ace-Picked provides a platform for emerging jewelry designers to showcase their talent. As an experienced jewelry distributor for over six years, Ace-Picked selects designers that create truly exceptional jewelry. Made for everyday wear while maintaining the key elements of traditional jewelry designs.

Ace insists on using solid gold ONLY for its jewelry selections. Because Ace believe that solid gold (14k, 18k, and 21k) is everlasting. That's what makes fine jewelry admirable and memorable.
Distinguish your style from the rest with exclusive pieces to your everyday wardrobe without overdressing. Every tender moment is a celebration and we’re here to help you cherish it.

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